Copyright and Licensing

Our business revolves around creating value with premium online services and quality content available from all over the world. By granting us rights to your catalogs, you will ensure legal and faithful reproductions of your works on fully licensed platforms as well as steady revenues over time, thanks to our continuous growth.

We do pay particular attention to our relationship with rights owners which is the only way to secure a long-term activity.

Recisio does not compete with original artists, it offers an alternative to professional or amateur musicians and singers who wish to sing along or learn on their favorite songs thus creating a strong emotional connection between a song and its fans.

Should you as a Music Publisher, Author / Composer, Record Label or Music Professional, have any question regarding your copyrighted material, feel free to contact us.

Royalties paid over time

Activity & Royalties Reporting

We provide our partners with a dedicated access to on-demand reporting.

Our infrastructure allows to generate executive and drill-down reports based on your specific needs.

Whether you want to know the statistics per piece and per country or a simple overview of the revenues per month, our team will setup a report just for that.

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