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Key Elements

Recisio's mission statement is straightforward: spread joy to the world via music.

Created over 18 years ago, the company has a diverse portfolio of services in the music industry:

  • Karaoke Version, the leading website for instrumental music (without vocals, guitar, drums etc.) and karaoke download, used by consumers and businesses (video games, corporate videos, TV, movies...).
  • KaraFun, a streaming karaoke subscription including 58,000 songs and several apps for all the major mobile and desktop devices.

Located in Lille, France, the company has secured agreements with all the major music publishers ensuring the business on the long run and a continuously-growing catalog for its customers. Recisio also works with karaoke professionals with a dedicated offer including licensing clearance for peace of mind.

Recisio is also behind KaraFun Bar, the largest karaoke box in Europe (16 rooms), expected to open in 2017.


1995KaraFun first version is launched on MS-DOS with a short list of cartoon songs :) 2005Recisio is officially funded to manage Karaoke Version website 2008Karaoke Version creates the Custom Backing Tracks technology 2011KaraFun becomes a subscription based service 2013Recisio services now total 3 million customers 2017KaraFun Bar, the largest karaoke bar in Europe, opens in Lille (France)

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