Surprising effects of karaoke


A recent study from the American Psychiatric Nurses Association showed that karaoke had a positive impact on... patients with a psychiatric condition.

As surprising as it sounds, one karaoke night a week statistically proved to reduce the amount of medication necessary and the level of stress for the patients involved.

They also started to be more involved in group therapies.

Although less developed in occidental countries, this practice has been approved in several psychiatric centers and youth centers in Japan where karaoke originates.


Documentary ''Karaoke la Machine Enchantée''

Recisio and its partner Tency Music have taken part into the making of a documentary on the worldwide Karaoke phenomenon, directed by French reporter Thomas Cazals. The film will be first broadcasted on Arte channel in November 2014.

Music never stops!

What happens when a major Internet outage strikes the office?

Well, we put together the musicians of the team, a bunch of instruments, a free stage, and make it a day!

Music never really stops at Recisio.

Recisio interviewed by OVH

We've had the honor to give more details about our infrastructure in an interview for OVH, where some of our servers are hosted. Loïc, our CTO, explains how our network handles millions of customers on our websites, including Karaoke Version and KaraFun.

A great opportunity to see what's going on backstage (video in French).

DA Administration

DA Administration manages rights of famous French writers and artists including Carla Bruni, Julien Clerc, Maxime Le Forestier, Les Innocents among others, welcome to Recisio's world !