Happy Birthday to Recisio

It's now been four years since the first Karafun and the first backing track releases. Four years later, Karafun has been downloaded over 2 million times. Karaoke Version offers over 20,000 backing tracks, over 2,000 custom backing tracks and over 4,500 Karaoke Videos.
Karaoke Version is now used by 1 million visitors a month in seven different languages.

New features for Karaoke Videos on Karaoke-Version.

Karaoke-Version now offers its members the ability to freely download all available file formats when ordering a karaoke song. (WMV, MP3+CDG, .KFN)
All of our .KFN songs (dedicated to Karafun) are now available on Karaoke Version. Over 3,000 Karaoke Videos have been released so far!

Unlimited custom backing tracks now!

Thanks to the success of having 20,000 available songs, the Karaoke Version website now offers the \"Unlimited custom backing track\" feature.
All of our custom backing tracks are now available for unlimited mixing. Moreover, this feature is also retroactive, all previously downloaded files can be remixed.
This feature is one additional asset to our custom backing tracks. The custom backing track features now include the universal MP3 format, the profesional quality, the possibility to test the program through free songs ready to be mixed, unlimited mixing and the catalog of over 2,000 available songs.
Karaoke-Version\'s last press release.


Recisio's team is proud to unveil our brand new Karaoke Version website release. Versione-Karaoke.it, our new Italian website version.
This new website contains all of the features already available on our other sites. Karaoke-Version now supports 7 different languages. Karaoke Version, getting closer to you.

Karaoke Version gets closer to you.

Karaoke Version is now reachable on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Delicious...
Get exclusive updates about new song releases and new available features. Share your musical taste with other Karaoke Version members. Karaoke Version now has over 18,000 available backing tracks in instrumental or in custom backing track versions, and we have thousands of Karaoke Videos to choose from.
See you soon.