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News from Karaoke Version.

We have released over 200 backing tracks since last month.
Over 1,300 backing tracks since January.
Our catalog now contains over 17,000 backing tracks, all at a high professional standard and quality.

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They are the Champions...

Competitors from Australia and France have won the World Karaoke Championship! Karaoke Version was the official sponsor of this event that gathered amateur singers from all around the world to Finland. Until the songs of the two winners become available in exclusivity on Karaoke Version, you can download and practice the ones performed during the final stages. And who knows, maybe you will be next...
During the Finale, Julie Gonnet chose to sing L\'hymne à l\'Amour while Michael Bates sang You Raise Me Up.


Your music, forever!

Did your computer just crash? Did you think your files had been lost forever within the Internet abyss?
Don't worry! With Karaoke Version you can download your songs at any time, without any limitation. Your account has become your own personal safe in which your files are stored forever!

We also have more news this month: you can choose to receive your files directly by e-mail, rather than downloading them.


More points, even faster!

To thank you for your loyalty, we have modified our point system:
For every song you order, you will receive one point. If you order five or more songs in a single purchase, we will double the total number of points! Get twenty points and you can instantly download a free song from our catalog! More info...

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